HR Solutions for Enterprise & Government

Many big companies and government organisations are looking for cost-effective ways to achieve better HR and compliance.

  • Less paperwork
  • More control
  • More efficiency
  • More protection
  • Better employee lifecycle management
  • Centralised HR records management
  • Better reporting
  • Better security and disaster recovery
  • More efficient cloud based technology

Thankfully, Workforce Guardian provide affordable HR solutions to help big companies and government organisations.

Affordable HR Solutions

Do you need a HR Advice Hotline to help managers answer HR and employment law questions?

Our HR Advice Hotline Service is for you. We can also provide customised HR Talks and Webinars and HR Training Workshops.

Do you need an affordable and easy to use All-In-One HR Software & Advice Service?

Our annual subscription based service is best for you.

Do you need a one-off product or service to help solve a HR problem?

Our HR Shop is best for you.

Do you need help to defend an employee claim or manage a HR or employment law matter?

Our HR Consulting Service is best for you.

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Which HR Solution is best for you?

Which HR Solution is best for you?

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