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Workforce Guardian has helped thousands of Australian business owners and managers.

Testimonial - Angela Vivo Cafe Group 410x280

"It's like having my own HR department 24/7 - peace of mind I can afford. I feel a lot safer. It's simple and the documents are constantly updated. I've found it be excellent."

Chri Baker, General Manager Operations

The Intermedia Group


Testimonial - Adrian Engineering Company 410x280

"Time is MONEY! Workforce Guardian and their HR advice streamlines our processes & offers piece of mind. We are compliant & up to date at all times"


AIM Bookkeeping Consultants

AIMS Bookkeeping Consultants

Testimonial - Ashleigh Accountant 410x280

"As MD of a major retail business, I rely on experts to ensure our business runs smoothly... Workforce Guardian's HR expertise means my business is in the best possible hands. I wouldn't be without them."

Sean, MD Australia/NZ



Testimonial - Sue Franchise Owner 410x280

"We have absolute peace of mind that with Workforce Guardian's high quality and up to date HR documents, policies and processes we meet our legislative obligations and reduce both risk and cost to Xero."


Xero Pty Ltd


Testimonial - Brian Telstra

"One demonstration was sufficient for me to recognise what Workforce Guardian represented. Over the years I have spent many hours and invested thousands of dollars in training, researching and paying for legal advice to make sure that my stakeholders and clients have all bases covered and this is the best suite of tools I have come across." 

Shirley, Founder and Principal Consultant

HR Management Services

HR Management Services

Testimonial - Jim Business Owner 410x280

"Workforce Guardian has given us confidence that our employment relations activity creates a win-win between staff and management, giving us a compliant way forward.  Its idiot proof to use and has created order from some clunky in-house processes.  It's given us a streamlined approach and has standardised formats on ways to do things correctly. It's a good solid measuring stick for changing the ethos and methodology in a much under estimated area of the business." 

Captain Jan Becker, CEO

Becker Helicopters

Becker Helicopters

"Our network of recruiters now serves a SME client base across Australia. But these clients commonly ask for help with documentation such as offer letters, or managing internal staffing issues, which is beyond our scope. We saw immediate potential in partnering with Workforce Guardian." 

Michael, Co-Founder and CEO



"Cannot recommend Workforce Guardian highly enough! Super impressed."

Gabrielle, Practice Manager

Premium Business Group

Premium Business Group

"A world class system and a perfect solution for our national base of small to medium sized clients."

John Lombard - CEO

HR national


"Workforce Guardian has proven to be an invaluable service for our company. Thanks to their professional service, our company confidently navigates through employment contracts and unwieldy awards, ensuring our staff and our company's interests are fairly and legally met at all times. Subscribing to Workforce Guardian offers terrific return on investment. I can highly recommend them."

Leanne, Executive Director

Fonebox Group of Companies

Fonebox Group of Companies

"As a small business with only a few employees our book keeper put us onto Workforce as a suggestion to save money and get a great service and we can honestly say after years of spending money on other HR companies we are extremely happy we made the switch to Workforce guardian. Their pricing is very affordable for small home based business's and their online portal is easy to use and understand for any user, we highly recommend them to any small business."

Kelly, Country Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

Country Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

"Workforce Guardian has been important to our business at a time of immense growth and change. It has been critical for me in my HR capacity, has allowed me to convince one of our Directors who was an HR Sceptic as to the importance (and simplicity) of good HR practices and has allowed us to lift the HR aspect of our business to a much more professional level."


National Infrastructure Solutions

National Infrastructure Services

"Using Workforce Guardian makes creating high quality, legally compliant contracts and documentation very simple. It has been a tremendous help to our business by providing a cost-effective and time saving suite of products that give us security and peace of mind that at all times we are legally compliant and protected."

Liam, Director



"I fired an employee and she then lodged an unfair dismissal claim against me. Workforce Guardian assisted me throughout the whole process and achieved a great outcome. I'm very happy to recommend them."



"I really like the compliance aspect of the product - that saves me so much time."     



"Workforce Guardian delivers the specialist ER advice in our total financial and business service."

Noel, Partner

Advantage Accounting & Business Consultants

"Thank you for the excellent support you provided me. It was tremendously reassuring and a big relieve to just talk to someone to ensure I'm not losing all my marbles and we're doing all the right thingsā€¦ far as one can in these circumstances.     We really appreciate this."


Applied Satellite Technology Australia

Applied Satellite Technologies

"Workforce Guardian cuts accountants' employment relations compliance down to size."

Thea Foster,  Founder

Added Value Corporation


"You guys have helped us all the way through this and without you we'd be in a world of hurt right now."


i2C Design & Management

i2C Design

"I have had the opportunity to make use of the services provided by Workforce Guardian on a number of occassions and with a range of questions and different situations. Each time I am assisted in a clear, concise and professional manner. The advice is always on target and allows me to ensure I am practicing within legal boundaries. I would highly recommend Workforce Guardian from advice to HRMS."

Nicola, General Manager

Heron Todd White

Heron Todd White


"Workforce Guardian has helped our practice become more efficient in handling ER compliance related issues.  It certainly helps us cut through compliance red tape, enabling us to concentrate on what we do best."

Peter, Partner

Liston Landers


"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your subscription. It has really added value to the service I provide to my customers. I have had wonderful  feedback. Please pass on my thanks and appreciate to all of the Workforce Guardian team."


Roseden Bookkeeping

"You guys are such a wealth of knowledge" 


Australian Urethane Systems

Australian Urethane Systems

"I have found Workforce Guardian an essential resource for understanding the complex IR system. I recommend their services to all of my clients and see it as a must have for any business that employs on any level. Using their online HR system has given me peace of mind around an area that once caused me so much anxiety."

Tanya, Operations Manager



"You guys are amazing and I deeply appreciate the eye opening you provided."



I'm well impressed with your software."

Von Drage

Collie Bookkeeping Services   

"These guys are true HR experts. their advice was spot-on and they did a great job with our employment contracts. We've now subscribed to their full service and couldn't be happier."



"We are very satisfied with the service offered and plan to upgrade in the next financial year."



"The HR advice - the responses are clear and concise and gives me great confidence when preparing contracts."



"Thanks a lot. You are just brilliant."

Sarah, Company Accountant

ICLP Loyalty

ICLP Loyalty

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