Most often asked HR questions

Every day Workforce Guardian get asked questions about all aspects of human resources, industrial relations, people management and Australian employment law.

HR questions we get asked

  • Is my business covered by the new Fair Work System?
  • Which of the 122 new Modern Awards are our employees covered by?
  • What National Employment Standards (NES) do we need to provide to employees?
  • Do I need to provide employees with a Fair Work Information Statement to avoid penalties of up to $63,000 per breach?
  • When do I need to give employees a pay slip and what information do I need to have on them to avoid fines from a Fair Work Inspector?
  • Under the NES, how many days of annual leave do we need to provide full-time employees each year?
  • Under the NES, how many days of personal carer's leave must we provide full-time employees each year?
  • Do Fair Work Inspectors have the right to issue my business with on the spot penalties of up to $630 per breach of the Fair Work laws?
  • What is the maximum length of time that an employee may take on unpaid parental leave?
  • Under the NES, how much notice must we give to an employee that is dismissed during their probationary period?
  • Under the Fair Work Act 2009, a 'small business' is defined as a business with fewer than how many employees by way of headcount?
  • Are employees entitled to formally request flexible working arrangements if they've worked for us for at least a year and are 55 or older?
  • How many days after being dismissed does an employee have to lodge a claim for unfair dismissal?
  • Can employees refuse to work more than 38 hours per week even if the request is reasonable in the circumstances?
  • Under the NES, how much notice must an employee give us if they resign?
  • It is against the law for my business to pay out all of an employee's unused annual leave if they ask you to do so.
  • Under the NES, how many days of compassionate leave can an employee take each time such leave is required?
  • Is leave taken to perform 'Emergency Management Activities' paid or unpaid?
  • What is the superannuation guarantee contribution?
  • Under the NES, what is the maximum number of ordinary working hours an employee can be required to work each week?
  • Can we deduct money from an employee's final pay if they have not returned company-owned property?
  • How long must an employee be absent from work before we may consider dismissal?

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