Workforce Guardian partners with SME TV

Workforce Guardian is extremely proud to partner with SMEtv - Australia's dedicated, on-line channel for small and medium-sized enterprises.

SME owners and operators can now access a huge range of informative, practical, and strategic information to help their businesses thrive.

Workforce Guardian's MD, David Bates, has been engaged by SMEtv to present the dedicated 'HR/Management' stream on the newly-launched channel. Already, more than 20 segments are available for download, covering a diverse range of topics from compliance with the National Employment Standards (NES) to preventing workplace bullying.

SMEtv Human Resources page

About SMEtv!

SMEtv is fast becoming Australia's leading SME resource - the first and best of its kind, backed by Australia's number one B2B publisher, The Intermedia Group.

SMEtv is a dedicated online video channel for business owners and managers that offers an entire perspective on business in a one-stop-shop - from marketing, finance, human resources and digital, to management issues, success stories, business travel and so much more.

Our only goal is to deliver you valuable and empowering video content on every device for FREE. Fresh video content will be added every week.

At SMEtv, you will learn from successful SME owners and business experts, plus get insight into products and services that can make a genuine difference to your business.

SMEtv - Empowering SMEs to Succeed

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