Worker has hand torn from arm in workplace accident

A cautionary tale for all employers. A Victorian man has had his arm amputated as a result of an industrial accident at a meat processing facility. According to the decision of the Court, the worker was dragged into the hide-puller, amputating his left hand. It was found this was a result of not powering down the machinery, which was common practice by employees. The employer was fined $90,000 at the Magistrates Court for failing to have appropriate safe working conditions.

Ultimately, such poor workplace practices are not viewed lightly by the Court. Employers must take all steps to eliminate health and safety risks as far as reasonably practicable. Employers should followappropriate protocols for identifying, eliminating, or controlling hazards and risks. Further, they must appropriately train employees and monitor them on an ongoing basis.

If your company is having a difficult time in getting your employees to follow reasonable directions to eliminate or minimise risks, contact WorkForce Guardian to help implement administrative controls.

Author: Rushantha Jayaweera, Workplace Relations Advisor at Workforce Guardian

Date: 30/8/2019