What does a human resource management information system do?

A human resource management information system merges the general day-to-day running of your human resources department with technology. It's simply the evolution of HR and IT. Thanks to the improvements in technology these two areas can be merged into one and Workforce Guardian can show you how. Your employee management system, employee contract management, employee records management, day to day human resources tools and documents, company file management and performance management appraisal system can all be controlled from your human resource management information system.

All of this will relieve the workload placed on your human resources department where they once dealt with *everything* from hiring (such as preparing to engage workers, developing position descriptions, generating compliant contracts and inducting employees, etc) to managing (such as managing time and attendance, managing leave, paying workers, dealing with unsatisfactory performance and unacceptable Behaviour, etc) to exiting (such as termination and dismissal, restructuring and redundancy, transfer of business, resignation and retirement). All which were time consuming, were completely paper work based and prone to errors are now streamlined into one human resource management information system. With the invention of human resource management information systems everything can be organised more effectively, this will increase efficiency, and free up staff to perform other jobs.

Workforce Guardian has the right human resource management information system for you - from small businesses to large corporations Workforce Guardian have the right system for you. Human resource management information systems are useful for any business with an employee database and downloable tools and resources allowing you to keep track of employee details, skills, salary, attendance, files, records and so much more. The human resource management information systems of today are so user friendly, all your information is stored securely, we help you choose the right system for your business and provide full support and education and training courses that give you the hands on training to deal with any employee related issues.

Workforce Guardian gives you access to all the HR tools and essentials you'll need to keep you up to date and compliant. Our ongoing support gives you online support you have all the Human Resources advice you'll ever need right at your finger tips all at a price that any small business can afford. It's easy to set up - ask Workforce Guardian today - it's as easy as 1-2-3. Subscribe to Workforce Guardian, ask any HR related questions via the online form and get your answers back in writing.