Updated Fair Work Information Statement 2019

The Fair Work Ombudsman has updated the Fair Work Information Statement taking into account the new national minimum rates of pay effective from 1 July 2019.

Pursuant to the Fair Work Act, employers must provide all new employees with a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement prior to or upon commencement of their employment. Failure to provide the statement to a new employee is a breach of the Act, and could result in penalties of $63,000 for a business and $12,600 for an individual for each breach.

Workforce Guardian recommends employers provide a copy of the statement with an offer of employment and keep a record that the statement has been provided. The statement can be provided in hardcopy or electronically.

Handy tips for subscribers:

1. Login to Workforce Guardian now to access the updated Fair Work Information Statement in our All-In-One HR System. You'll find the latest version in our Document Library, as well as in relevant HR management processes.

2. The Fair Work Information Statement can also be obtained in languages other than English if required. Contact our HR Advice Hotline to speak with our HR and employment law experts when needed.

3. Subscribers can also use the 'Fair Work Information Statement - Confirmation' template in Workforce Guardian's letter wizard to confirm that an employee has been issued with the Fair Work Information Statement. Store a copy of the signed confirmation on the employee's personnel file to protect you and your business during an audit.

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