Update on the Fair Work Commission - Four Year Review

The Fair Work Commission (the Commission) have been reviewing all modern awards since 2014, as part of the 4-yearly review of modern awards. During this process, they've clarified how some award clauses work and changed other clauses.

According to the Commission that process is now almost completed. They are releasing final versions of the Awards across three trances.

The first trance is made up of the following Awards and effective from 4 February 2020.

  • Aluminium Industry Award
  • Ambulance Award
  • Animal and Veterinary Services Award
  • Aquaculture Award
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance Award
  • Book Award
  • Car Parking Award
  • Cement, Lime and Quarrying Award
  • Cemetery Award
  • Coal Export Terminals Award
  • Corrections and Detention Award
  • Cotton Ginning Award
  • Electrical Power Industry Award
  • Fire Fighting Award
  • Gardening and Landscaping Award
  • Hydrocarbons (Upstream) Award
  • Legal Award
  • Market and Social Research Award
  • Medical Practitioners Award
  • Mining Award
  • Nursery Award
  • Oil Refining and Manufacturing Award
  • Pharmacy Award
  • Port Authorities Award
  • Premixed Concrete Award
  • Racing Ground Maintenance Award
  • Real Estate Award
  • Salt Award
  • Seafood Award
  • Silviculture Award
  • Sporting Organisations Award
  • State Government Agencies Award
  • Surveying Award
  • Travelling Shows Award
  • Water Award
  • Wool Award

It is expected that the remaining tranches of Awards will be finalised in the coming weeks and we will notify you when that occurs.

What are the changes?

For most awards, the biggest change is to the layout and the language. This will mean that your award should be simpler and easier to understand. The rules and entitlements in your award probably won't change significantly.

What do you need to do?

We recommend that as part of good HR practices you periodically review the terms of any relevant Awards and consider if any specific amendments and alterations have occurred and what that may mean for your business. Each Award is different and may have had common issues or specific issues dealt with in the particular Award. Seek advice on your specific circumstances if you require.

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