Telstra recommends Workforce Guardian

Workforce Guardian is proud to be recognised by Telstra as one of the best applications for business. As well as the only employee management system recommended by Telstra on the Telstra Apps Marketplace.

Workforce Guardian on Telstra Apps Marketplace

David Coventry, Executive Director of Telstra Business, said that businesses are starting to adopt apps in their businesses as they begin to understand the power many business apps possess.

"We've seen a move towards businesses using mobile applications to reduce the need for paper based systems and to help their staff work in a more efficient way," Mr Coventry said.

"There's nothing like Workforce Guardian. It's a complete employment relations compliance system in the cloud."

- Brian Harcourt,  Head of Customer Service Delivery at Telstra

"We think there will be a surge in app use by businesses as they become more aware of the capability and the benefits it can give to their company. 

"The Telstra Apps Marketplace provides business customers with a one-stop shop to find, buy, manage and use today's best business apps," Mr Coventry added.

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