Success Story: Win For Stationery Provider

Workforce Guardian's HR Consulting Team has a strong record of success in representing and defending employers in unfair dismissal, general protections, discrimination and bullying claims over many years. Below is a recent success story for one of our clients.


Workforce Guardian recently acted for a stationery provider in a general protections claim. The former employee alleged that the employer breached numerous terms of the applicable Modern Award, resulting in large underpayments. There were also allegations that the employer misrepresented the earning capacity when advertising the role, and that the employer engaged in sham contracting.


Workforce Guardian negotiated a settlement amount that was sixteen times lower than the maximum penalties that could have been Awarded if the matter proceeded. By settling the matter, the business also avoided the potential negative publicity that could come with legal proceedings, and a judgment that would mean other "contractors" at the company could make similar claims.

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