Success Story: Win For Small Family Business

Workforce Guardian's HR Consulting Team has a strong record of success in representing and defending employers in unfair dismissal, general protections, discrimination and bullying claims over many years. Below is a recent success story for one of our clients.


Workforce Guardian recently helped a small family business in the agriculture industry to successfully defend a general protections claim.

The business was facing some tough financial times and unfortunately had to lay off a full time farm hand. The staff member was offered casual employment and did continue to perform work on a casual basis for the business. The employee lodged a general protections claim with the Fair Work Commission, claiming that he was not consulted regarding the proposed redundancy in accordance with the requirements of the applicable Modern Award. The employee also disputed his eligibility to redundancy pay, the quantum of his long service leave pay and claimed that superannuation had not been paid appropriately.


Workforce Guardian represented the business in the conciliation before the Fair Work Commission, and settled all claims, including those that were technically beyond matters that can be dealt with in a general protections claim. The negotiated outcome left the business confident that they had treated the employee lawfully in trying circumstances. The settlement also barred any further claims in relation to this employee's employment and ensured that the business would not be penalised.

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