Smithink Webinar Popular with Accountants

On Tuesday 19 April Workforce Guardian was proud to co-host a webinar with our good friends at  Smithink (

The first half of this educational webinar was hosted by Smithink's founding director, David Smith,  who provided participants with a comprehensive update on how technology continues to 'disrupt'  Australia's accounting firms.

As always, David reminded participants of the critical importance of embracing change in order to  always stay one step ahead of the game.

The second half of the webinar was presented by Workforce Guardian's Managing Director, David  Bates, and focussed on the key things every employer needs to know when hiring and firing  employees.

Topics covered included Fair Work Information Statements, Modern Award coverage and  classifications, contracts of employment, redundancies, dismissals and notice periods.

Workforce Guardian looks forward to continuing its strategic partnership with Smithink in the  months and years ahead.

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