Sexual Harassment Policy – Denial is not just a river in Egypt

Sexual harassment and sexual discrimination are illegal and the blame for such behaviour usually lands at the feet of the business. Further, by condoning such behaviour or turning a blind eye creates accessorial liability issues for responsible management. If such behaviour is not dealt with appropriately companies face a range of possible litigation and a destruction of its workplace culture. No one wants to work in a place that condones of turns a blind eye to these sorts of behaviour.

Benefits of having such a policy

By having an appropriately drafted and implemented sexual harassment policy in the workplace companies have already made a clear statement that it won't stand for unacceptable behaviour and that all employees and their well-being are important.

Further, if incidents do arise then by having appropriately drafted policies in place, the company has a guide to follow to resolve the issue thereby saving resources in what is often a scramble to seek advice on how to handle such matters. Having such policies and procedures in place, and if they are followed, can also help to minimise exposure should a claim against the business be made.


Sexual harassment policies should contain a broad definition of the unacceptable behaviour that encompasses sexual harassment, as well as a clear statement that it will not be tolerated.

Additionally, a policy should contain an appropriate process for handling related complaints.

Next steps

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