Sexual harassment in the workplace - Client views sought

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Next week, Workforce Guardian lawyer, Grace Kim, will be attending the National Workplace Sexual Harassment Inquiry currently undertaken by the Human Rights Commission.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is unacceptable. Such behaviour harms both individuals and the businesses. Unfortunately, when these issues arise, employers may not always handle them appropriately which can result in legal exposure.

The National Inquiry will consider the impact of workplace sexual harassment, the drivers of these behaviours, existing good practices being undertaken by employers, and the adequacy of the existing legal framework.

Grace will be putting forward employer views at that Inquiry. To provide a more inclusive and holistic position on such behaviour in the workplace and how it is currently dealt with, we are seeking views and input from you. No client confidentiality will be waived and no specific employer references will be made at the Inquiry.

Client Views Sought

If you could spare 10 minutes, considering and responding to the following would really help to formulate the views we put forward:

  • Has your business ever encountered incidents of sexual harassment?
  • Do you have workplace policies on the issue in place?
  • Do you train employees on the issue?
  • Have you encountered more incidents or less incidents of sexual harassment over the past decade or longer?

If yes:

  • Was the business appropriately prepared to deal with the issue?
  • Were the expectations of the accuser met in relation to the process or outcome?
  • Did the process establish the conduct, find it did not happen, or was inconclusive?
  • Were other employees (witnesses) reluctant or pleased to participate?
  • Could the process have been handled better by the business?
  • What were the overall cultural effects on the business as a result of matter?
  • As a business owner/manager are there anything else you would like to state on this issue?

Please email your responses to

We thank you for your participation.

National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces

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