Over 25% of spot checks find employers breaching Fair Work laws

The Fair Work Ombudsman today released the findings of recent checks on the record-keeping practices of business throughout Australia.

Almost 1400 employers were audited in every State and Territory.

Spot checks of 1376 businesses found that 388, or 28 per cent, were not compliant with their record-keeping and pay-slip obligations.

46 employers were asked to back-pay a total of $620,023 to 336 of their workers who had been short-changed.

Two businesses received a Letter of Caution, putting them on notice that future breaches of workplace laws could result in enforcement action.

Businesses found to be non-complaint will be re-audited as part of the Fair Work Ombudsman's National Compliance Monitoring Campaign.  

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Source: FWO Media Release 29 June 2016