Making Workplace Correspondence Easier

Drafting appropriate workplace correspondence is a time-consuming process. It also comes with the risk of being misinterpreted by employees and their representatives. An employer can spend hours drafting a single letter to one employee. This time could be better spent dealing with other issues. Workforce Guardian realise that you could be doing more with your time and so have created a dynamic HR Letter Wizard.

The benefits of Workforce Guardian's HR Letter Wizard:

The Letter Wizard allows you to access well drafted correspondence for use in the workplace. It will equip you with a diverse range of documents to help with the hiring, managing and exiting of employees.

Workforce Guardian's comprehensive Letter Wizard enables you and your company to accurately identify appropriately drafted subject-based correspondence for use in the workplace. You can then utilise existing information to complete a custom letter.

Ultimately, the Letter Wizard allows you to create best-practice HR letters quickly and easily, all of which are backed by Australian HR and employment law experts.

Need help to generate workplace correspondence?

1. Login to your Workforce Guardian subscription.

2. Under the 'Document's menu, click 'Letter Wizard'

3. Follow the step by step process to create your correspondence

Need help?

Call Workforce Guardian on 1300 659 563 or visit: /features/hr-letter-wizard/