Inspectors target retail stores

The Fair Work Ombudsman continues to target popular brand clothing and accessory retailers to ensure they are complying with Australian employment laws.

Recent site visits targeted eight popular-name brands in Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart and Wagga (in regional NSW) to investigate compliance issues.

Fair Work inspectors assessed compliance at a total of 35 stores, interviewing staff in many instances, and then meeting with the head office of each retail brand to discuss how company policies were translated to custom and practice in-store.

Fair Work inspectors discovered compliance issues such as employers failing to reimburse young workers for clothing they were required to buy and wear on the shop floor.

Under the General Retail Industry Award 2010, an employer who requires an employee to wear special clothing must reimburse the cost of the clothing.

Additionally, the Award provides that where an employee is required to launder a special uniform, dress or other clothing, full-time employees will get an allowance of $6.25 per week and part-time or casual employees $1.25 per shift.

Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James says that further visits to retail stores across the country have started to assess compliance across the industry and ensure company policy reflects the culture on shop floors.

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