How to respond to union threats

The percentage of workers willing to pay for union membership has been steadily falling for years. Currently, less than 17% of workers are willing to associate themselves with a union. 

This is hardly surprising given events in recent years:

  • > Former MP and secretary of the Health Services Union (HSU), Craig Thomson, was found guilty in December 2014 of stealing the union's (i.e. members') money;
  • > Former ALP national president and former member of the HSU's national executive, Michael Williamson, is now in prison for fraud;
  • > Officials from the militant CFMEU continue to find themselves in trouble following flagrant breaches of Commonwealth laws; and
  • > Nurses' union leaders in Victoria actively encouraged their members to defy court rulings ordering an end to their unlawful industrial action.

Admittedly, these are all fairly extreme examples of unionists showing a blatant disregard for Australia's laws. But too many unionists also display a blatant disregard for employers too.

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