Happy Customer: National Infrastructure Solutions

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This testimonial is from National Instrastructure Solutions based  in Mt Waverley, Victoria.

National Instrastructure Solutions is  a leader in the design and construction of residential and commercial communication infrastructures whether overhead or underground. Open cut trenching projects is one of National Infrastructure Solutions specialties which allow them to install conduit systems with minimal impact on congested streets and without harming environmentally sensitive areas.

What they say about Workforce Guardian

"Workforce Guardian has been important to our business at a time of immense growth and change. It has been critical for me in my HR capacity, has allowed me to convince one of our Directors who was an HR Sceptic as to the importance (and simplicity) of good HR practices and has allowed us to lift the HR aspect of our business to a much more professional level."

Sarah Felice

National Infrastructure Solutions

National Infrastructure Solutions Truck