Fair Work Inspectors targeting South East Queensland

The Fair Work Ombudsman has issued a media release advising that it will audit employers in South East Queensland as part of a new campaign. With a focus on South Queensland, the Darling Downs, Griffith, Murrumbidgee and Broken Hill.

The campaign will focus on businesses located in Charleville, Longreach, Cunnamulla and Blackall in South Queensland as well as Goondiwindi, Roma and St George in the Darling Downs region.

Fair Work Inspectors will check employers are paying the correct minimum hourly rates, penalty rates, allowances and loadings and providing appropriate meal breaks.

Compliance with record-keeping and pay-slip obligations will also being monitored during the three-month campaign.

The campaign is focusing on employers across various sectors, including cafes and restaurants, dairy cattle and sheep farming, building and industrial cleaning.

All businesses will be randomly selected.

Are you at risk of big fines and expensive penalties?

Fair Work Inspectors may issue on the spot infringement notices where they reasonably believe an employer has contravened the record-keeping and pay slip obligations contained in the Fair Work Act 2009 and the Fair Work Regulations 2009.

Fair Work Inspectors can also recommend taking matters to court.

Employers risk penalties of up to $54,000 for each breach of the Fair Work Act 2009.

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