End to end human resource management with Workforce Guardian

Human resources is now a vehicle whose drivers require both automation and expert knowledge. With a sophisticated human resource management information system you can drive new efficiency into hiring, payroll, leave management and exit processes.

Workforce Guardian is a software as a service (SaaS) provider of a powerful new human resource information management system that automates end-to-end HR for your business. Our user-savvy new cloud computing platform assists with Australian legal protections for employers as its core focus, Essentially, Australian laws and regulations are a central part of what we build so that you are safeguarded against potential law suits.

Using our powerful software, you can scan employee applications, on board new starters and exit staff in a streamlined and automated fashion. We manage hiring, managing and employee exiting through compliance mechanisms that will see you on the right side of the law.

With an emphasis on all businesses, great and small, we have kept our pricing cost efficient. No matter your business budget, you'll be able to unlock the power of automated HR through an integral information system that will add exponential value to the way you do business.

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Employees are the most important asset to your business, but people problems are also ironically a central liability. Make the process smoother with a software that accounts for all details, payroll and more when you purchase with us. Our software has saved small business, large enterprise, brokerages, franchises and more. With full knowledge of how employment relations work, we have combined an information management system that emulates the real world - not just a computer screen.

For an end-to-end human resource management information system, you can't go past Workforce Guardian's iron clad guarantee. Call us today to arrange a quote.