Cafe faces court for record-keeping failures

The operators of an Alice Springs café are facing Court after Fair Work Inspectors allegedly uncovered blatant record-keeping failures.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal action against the partnership business of Christopher and Elsie Brandso, who operate the Red Dog Café in the Todd Mall.

Fair Work inspectors randomly audited the Red Dog café last year during a campaign aimed at ensuring Alice Springs businesses were paying employees their full entitlements.

The Brandsos allegedly ignored repeated requests from inspectors to provide employment records, before finally admitting they had failed to keep any.

Failing to keep records is a serious matter because it increases the risk of staff underpayments occurring and hampers the ability of inspectors to determine if employees are being paid correctly.

The Brandsos face a penalty of up to $51,000.

The Fair Work Ombudsman is also seeking Court Orders requiring the Brandsos to ensure they improve their workplace practices and comply with workplace laws in future.

Under the Orders sought, the Brandsos would have to provide the Fair Work Ombudsman with evidence of having taken action. A hearing is listed for the Federal Circuit Court on August 27.

Source: FW Media Release 26 May 2015

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