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Earlier this week, we learned about a potential security threat called the Bash bug, also known as Shellshock.

Q. What is Shellshock?

Bash bug is a security flaw located in the command-line shell used in many Linux and Unix operating systems, leaving websites and devices power by these operating systems open to attack.

Q. Is it a serious risk?

Yes. A high percentage of software interacts with the shell including hardware running Max OS X. Older, "mainframe"-style computing systems used by some banks are also likely vulnerable. Home routers and modems could also be targeted as a way to get to PCs and laptops.

Q. What is being done to fix the problem?

Companies such as Apple and Linux are working on patches for their own systems and will release these to users as soon as they're ready.

Q. Are Workforce Guardian servers at risk?

No. Workforce Guardian servers do not operate on Linux and Unix operating systems so we are not exposed to this vulnerability.

Our ultra-high security environment remains secure and we are a Shellshock/Bash Bug Safe Site.

Q. What else does Workforce Guardian do to ensure security?

At Workforce Guardian we take IT security very seriously. This includes ensuring that our hosting environment has been audited and certified compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2005.

We constantly work closely with our IT partners to ensure that both the servers we use and the shared hosting accounts our customers access to manage HR in their businesses are safe.

Since founding in 2006 Workforce Guardian has never had an IT security breach. We are very proud of this achievement and we will continue to work proactively with our IT partners to ensure that this continues.

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Q. Need more information?

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