10 HR Mistakes You Can't Afford To Make

Are you at risk of being prosecuted for breaching Australian employment laws?

Are you protected from damaging employee claims?

If you're unsure, ask yourself these ten (10) critical questions:

  1. Do you have fair, competency based, hiring processes?
  2. Do you have clearly documented position descriptions?
  3. Do you undertake right to work checks for all workers?
  4. Do you have compliant employment contracts?
  5. Have you classified workers correctly to ensure the right award pay rates?
  6. Are you issuing compliant payslips?
  7. Are you keeping mandatory time and wages records?
  8. Are you providing the 10 minimum National Employment Standards?
  9. ​Are you ensuring compliant exiting processes?​
  10. Are you protected from sham contracting?

More and more Australian employers are being prosecuted for failing to meet their legal obligations under Australian employment laws. Damaging employee claims are also rising every year!​ Recent prosecutions include: Record penalty against cafe operator and  Jail term imposed in first contempt of court case.

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Recent Prosecutions For Breaching Fair Work Act

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