Union launches $100m class action for underpaid workers

A national union has partnered with a major law firm to launch a national class action on behalf of thousands of workers who have been allegedly underpaid for door-to-door sales and charity fundraising.

The National Union of Workers and Chamberlains Law Firm are targeting sales and marketing companies Credico, PCA Group, Global Interactive Group and Aida Sales and Marketing.

The new action follows the Appco class action. The Federal Court is deciding whether the Appco litigation can proceed as a class action.

The new action alleges that workers have been paid as little as $5 per hour and that they have been wrongly classified as independent contractors instead of employees despite being given no choice in clients or control over their hours.

The Appco damages claim for underpaid workers aims to recover more than $85 million.

The new class action for underpaid workers aims to recover more than $100 million.

Employers who underpay workers or who engage in sham contracting risk expensive fines and penalties, as well as costly and damaging employee claims.

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