On Demand HR Services

Resolving complex employment relations issues can be time consuming, complex and very expensive.

Workforce Guardian's online HR system and support services have been specifically designed to help Australian employers to effectively manage HR and employment relations to avoid unnecessary problems. But when tricky situations arise we are ready to provide you with the expert HR Consulting and employment relations assistance you need.

Note: Our HR Platinum service includes "Up to 10 hours" of outsourced HR support such as either our HR Advice Hotline or HR Consulting Services or a combination of both.

HR On-Demand Services

HR Advice Online powered by Workforce Guardian

Workforce Guardian's friendly and professional HR experts can answer questions about all aspects of HR, employment relations and people management via email:

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HR Advice Hotline powered by Workforce Guardian

When your HR or employment relations issue needs immediate action and a quick but professional opinion, you can use our premium HR Advice Hotline service and speak to our highly qualified and friendly employment relations specialists over the phone for expert help and advice > More

HR Consulting powered by Workforce Guardian

When tricky situations arise we are ready to provide you with the expert HR consulting and employment relations assistance you need > More

Enterprise Agreements

Enterprise Agreements allow you to replace multiple Awards in your workplace with one easy to understand agreement specifically tailored to meet the needs of your business.  You can generate an Enterprise Agreement with our Professional service and you can use our specialised fixed price consulting service to guide you through the process to lodge with the Fair Work Commission > More

Employment Handbooks

Employment Handbooks are an excellent way to communicate key corporate information with your employees.  Documenting workplace policies and procedures in an easy-to-understand handbook ensures that every one of your employees receives exactly the same information about your workplace.  Employment Handbooks assist in ensuring policies and procedures are applied consistently across your business > More

Education and Training

Workforce Guardian provides expertise in online and face-to-face training on the Fair Work Act 2009 as well as HR processes like recruitment and performance management. Supported by the HR documentation and processes available through the Workforce Guardian service, these courses give business owners and managers hands-on training to deal with every-day employment issues > More

HR Talks and Webinars

Workforce Guardian can provide informative and entertaining HR Talks and Webinars for you and your members and/or clients > More 

Conference Speaking

As specialists in human resources and the Fair Work system, our team of experts are in constant demand.  We provide speakers for industry events and business functions and can even tailor workshops and programs to meet your requirements.  Workforce Guardian's specialists speak in clear, plain English to ensure you and your colleagues understand your legal obligations > More

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