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Ensure your Hiring procedures measure up

Hiring is an important part of managing and growing a successful business. By following a sound hiring process you can greatly improve your chances of getting your hiring decisions right.  With Workforce Guardian's Hiring Process you can follow a clear and consistent approach.  The process includes needs assessment, creating job specifications and compliant job advertisements, holding interviews and reference checking.

Once you've told someone that they are hired you need the protection of compliant work contracts. As a business owner or manager, you need to ensure that:

  1. All staff have written employment contracts
  2. Your contracts comply with current Australian Legislation
  3. All contracts are current. If an employee's role of duties changes a new contract should be entered into.
  4. Terms of employment are clearly articulated.

Having completed the hiring stage, it's vital that you take new employees or contractors through an induction process to help them settle into your company.  Use our highly effective Induction Process to help your new employee or contractor fit into your organisation.

Make hiring employees easy

Workforce Guardian takes the worry out of hiring employees. You can generate as many contracts as you require which are all compliant with Australian employment law, and they are ready to sign in minutes. We also provide an indispensible document library which contains over 100 employment templates, guides, forms and letters to help you successfully hire, manage and exit staff.

Workforce Guardian provides up to five types of employment agreements (with full time, part time, fixed term and casual versions) to suit most business situations:

  • Common Law Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreements (Independent Contract Act 2006)
  • Agreements for Award covered employees
  • Enterprise Agreements

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