Workplace Harassment

Take action on Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment and bullying is a very real and worrying concern for Australian businesses. 

Harassment is a form of discrimination which is unlawful while workplace bullying is also a significant workplace health and safety issue. As an Australian employer, you have a duty of care to prevent harm to your employees new laws now allow for imprisonment for the most serious breaches.

Handling a workplace harassment complaint

As an employer, you need a clearly defined and written workplace harassment policy in place, and one that is communicated to all staff.  With a comprehensive harassment module,  Workforce Guardian Professional helps you put a workplace harassment policy in place to prevent this series staff issue occurring in the first place. 

As a Workforce Guardian Professional subscriber you can simply download the Workplace Harassment Policy from our comprehensive Policy library.  It states plainly that:

  • Workplace harassment or bullying is unacceptable.
  • If it occurs it will be treated as a disciplinary offense and depending on the seriousness or nature of the offence, an employee may be liable for dismissal in such circumstances. 

Workplace harassment procedure

Workforce Guardian Professional also provides a clear and simple harassment complaints procedure that helps employers navigate through the difficult issue of handling employee harassment claims.  Workforce Guardian provides a clear and simple harassment complaints procedure that helps employers navigate their way through the difficult issues of employee harassment and bullying.

We also conduct regular webinars to give business owners and managers hands-on training to deal with every-day employment issues including Harassment and Bullying. This training runs in concert with the HR documentation and processes available through Workforce Guardian and is provided free. To Find out more please see our Resources section of our website.

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