Modern Awards

Access the right Modern Awards for your employees

Modern Awards are a very important part of the 'Fair Work System', which is governed by the Fair Work Act 2009. There are now over 122 Modern Awards that apply to all 'National System Employers' - essentially all private sector employers across Australia, except for sole-traders and unincorporated partnerships in WA.

Remember, Modern Awards are legal documents and you must comply with the terms and conditions of any Modern Award that applies to your employees. You need to create new employment agreements for all of your employees whose annual earnings are less than the 'High Income Threshold' which is indexed each year.

Determining whether a Modern Award applies to your employees is a four step process:

  1. Look for the Modern Award that is most likely to apply to your employees - there may be more than one
  2. Carefully read the 'Coverage' clause within the Modern Award(s) to see if it applies to your employees' industry or occupation
  3. Look to see if your employees fit into any of the classifications set out in the Modern Award(s)
  4. Check whether the employee is excluded from coverage because they earn more than the High Income Threshold

With Workforce Guardian, generating an Offer Letter to a Modern Award or Individual Flexibility Arrangement is easy. Our contracts wizard is designed so you can easily generate a single Offer Letter or multiple versions that comply with the Fair Work Act 2009 and any applicable Modern Awards.

Workforce Guardian includes complete copies of over 122 Moderns Awards for subscribers to access.

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