Independent Contractors Act 2006

The Independent Contractors Act 2006 started to apply in March 2007.

The Independent Contractors Act 2006 set up a national unfair contracts scheme for independent contractors. This replaced most state and territory unfair contract laws.

Rights of Independent Contractors

The Fair Work Act 2009 protects independent contractors from adverse action, coercion and abuses of freedom of association.

Independent contractors also have rights under the Independent Contractors Act 2006. This covers unfair contracts.

When deciding if a contract is harsh or unfair the court can consider things like:

  • the terms of the contract
  • whether one side had a lot more bargaining power than the other
  • whether one side used undue influence, pressure or unfair tactics against the other
  • whether the contract pays less than an employee doing similar work would get

To avoid contract disputes its important to have a good agreement in place.

Independent Contractor Agreements

Workforce Guardian's online HR system and support service includes a Contract Wizard which allows subscribers to generate unlimited employment contracts, including Independent Contractor Agreements, in minutes.

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