Discrimination is unlawful while workplace bullying is also a significant workplace health and safety issue. As an Australian employer, you have a duty of care to prevent harm to your employees new laws now allow for imprisonment for the most serious breaches.

With a comprehensive discrimination and harassment module, Workforce Guardian HR Professional delivers step-by-step guidance on how to deal with a workplace discrimination and harassment complaints and put workplace policies in place to prevent this series staff issue occurring in the first place.

Workforce Guardian provides a clear and simple discrimination and harassment complaints procedures that helps employers navigate their way through the difficult issues of employee discrimination and harassment.

Workplace discrimination and harassment procedure

Workforce Guardian provides a clear and simple discrimination and harassment complaints procedure that helps employers navigate through the difficult issue of employee discrimination and harassment.  We also offer employers a comprehensive employment relations service that includes:

  • Step-by-step employment processes and document templates such as employee evaluation forms and employee termination letters,
  • Fully compliant employment contracts and agreements that are ready to sign in minutes,
  • Central and secure round the clock storage of sensitive employee information,
  • Valuable employment advice to manage staff issues without the fear of being sued,
  • Verified by Clayton Utz and available via the web 24/7.

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