Code of Conduct

Using a Code of Conduct makes good business sense

A Code of Conduct is not a legal requirement but it makes good business sense to have one. It sets out clear ground-rules for the professional behaviour and conduct that is expected in your workplace. It is hard for an employee NOT to know how to act and behave when there is a Code of Conduct in place.

As an employer, you need to be mindful of the wording you use in your code and regularly review your policies and procedures to ensure they remain relevant given current employment law. Workforce Guardian provides two ways for employers to set out a Code of Conduct for their workforce.

1. Employment agreement

Our contract generation technology allows you to produce the right employment contract for each employee every time in a simple and logical way. The employment agreements are generated by interview style questions including whether you would like to include a standard Code of Conduct as part of the agreement.  Standard clauses covered by this code of conduct include:

  • Performance of Duties
  • Alcohol and Prohibited Drugs
  • Property
  • Vehicles
  • Internet / Email / Computers
  • Personal Behaviour
  • Harassment

2. Policy library

Workforce Guardian HR Professional includes a comprehensive suite of employment policies for you to download and use to create your own HR policy library. You can amend these policies to suit your specific requirements or use Workforce Guardian's expertise to create an Employment Handbook for your business. A Code of Conduct is also included in the Workforce Guardian HR Essential service.

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