Adverse Action

It is unlawful for an employer to place undue  influence or pressure on you to agree to change  certain employment arrangements.

Adverse actions include:

  • firing an employee
  • not giving an employee legal entitlements such as pay or leave
  • changing an employee's job to their disadvantage
  • treating an employee differently than others
  • not hiring someone
  • offering a potential employee different (and unfair) terms and conditions for the job, compared to other employees.


  • being rejected from a job during the hiring process
  • being offered a lower wage or less leave than other employees in the same role with the same experience
  • being verbally or physically abused by an employer or co-worker
  • being isolated or left out by co-workers or managers
  • being paid less than others doing the same job and who have the same experience
  • being given more unpleasant or difficult duties than others in the same role
  • not being given proper equipment or facilities
  • having limited or no opportunities for promotion, transfer or training.

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