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Workforce Guardian's HR Advice Hotline helps you get quick answers to your HR and employment law questions from our team of qualified HR and employment law experts.

  • Fair Work Act (eg. National Employment Standards, Modern Awards, etc)
  • Hiring workers (eg. to get the best candidates and minimise the risks of unsuccessful candidate claims)
  • Inducting workers (eg. to ensure they understand and comply with your workplace policies and procedures)
  • Paying workers (eg. to ensure compliance and avoid employee underpayment claims and backpay orders)
  • Managing worker performance  (eg. to identify and correct performance issues and maximise productivity)
  • Managing worker disciplinary issues (eg. to identify and correct bad conduct and issue compliant warnings when needed)
  • Managing HR records (eg. to ensure compliance with your legal obligations and avoid fines and penalties)
  • Exiting workers (eg. to minimise the risks of expensive unfair dismissals claims and general protections claims)
  • And more!

Scope of Service

Our team is comprised of HR and employment law professionals. We can answer questions relating to general human resources matters and employment laws such as the Fair Work Act 2009 and Fair Work Regulations 2009 (eg.  National Employment Standards, Modern Awards, employment contracts, modern award interpretation and unfair dismissal).

However, we are unable to provide advice relating to superannuation, taxation, or salary sacrificing arrangements as these topics are not governed by employment law.

Importantly, Workforce Guardian is not a law firm and we do not provide legal advice. Workforce Guardian's advisors are experienced and qualified HR and employment relations professionals. We speak in plain-English and provide subscribers with practical advice and support.

HR & Employment Advice Hotline 1300 781 299

Please have your Workforce Guardian ID, partner ID or your credit details ready.

Available between 9am and 5pm (AEST) on any business day.

Plans & Pricing

HR Platinum Includes priority access for business owners and managers to our HR Advice Hotline.
HR Professional  Includes priority access for business owners and managers to our HR Advice Hotline.
HR Essential Includes a 50% discount on calls to our HR Advice Hotline. Rates start at just $49.50 (incl GST) per 15 minutes.
Partners Please refer to your organisations website for details about member benefits.
HR Advice Online  Includes a call back service to help key advisors get answers to client's HR and employment law questions.
Non-Subscribers Pay-as-you-go access. Rates start at just $99 (incl GST) per 15 minutes.

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