Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks set workplace standards that guide employee behavior and performance expectations, so it is crucial that employers keep their handbooks updated.

Employee handbooks are an excellent way to communicate key corporate information to your employees.   Documenting your workplace policies and procedures in an easy-to-understand handbook ensures that every one of your employees receives exactly the same information about your workplace when they join your business.

For your existing employees, the handbook ensures everyone understands your company's expectations.  It will also assist in ensuring policies and procedures are applied consistently across your business.

Plain English

Workforce Guardian's Employee Handbooks are written in plain English and have a reader-friendly style to ensure the handbook is easily understood by all your employees.

Our service includes an employee sign-off letter to prove that your employees have received the handbook and have read and understood its contents.  This sign off letter is then stored in the employee's individual electronic employee file on Workforce Guardian.  Should an employee ever breach any of your policies or procedures, you will have proof that the relevant rules were formally communicated to, and read by, your employees.

Workforce Guardian also ensures that the policies and procedures featured within your Employee Handbook comply with current Australian employment law.  This means your handbook will comply with the 10 National Employment Standards as well as state and federal anti-discrimination and long service leave legislation.

Compliant policies

Policies documented in your handbook will usually include sexual harassment, anti-discrimination and bullying, social media and the use of email and the Internet at work.  You may also wish to set out your induction process, hours of work and attendance expectations, benefits, wages and salaries and employee health and safety policies. You may even like to include a welcome message from a senior manager and provide a brief history of your business!

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