HR Health Check: Self-Audit

Ask yourself the questions below to quickly determine if you and/or your business are at risk!

If you answer no or unsure to any of these questions you may be at risk of big fines and penalties, damaging employee claims, and personal fines for accessorial liability.

National Employment Standards

1. Are all new employees issued with a current version of the Fair Work Information Statement? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

2. Do you retain proof of how the Fair Work Information Statement was provided to employees? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

3. Are you aware of your obligations and your employees' rights under the National Employment Standards relating to:

a. Notice of termination and or redundancy pay? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

b. Right to request flexible working arrangements? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

c. Public holidays and related pay rates? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

d. Parental leave administrative requirements? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

e. Maximum ordinary weekly hours of work? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

f. Community service leave? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

g. Annual leave administrative requirements? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

h. Personal/carers leave and compassionate leave? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

i. State/Territory, Industry, Award Long Service Leave? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

Awards, Agreements and Contracts

4. Does your business have written contracts of employment and or IFA's with your employees?   □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

5. Do you review your contracts of employment annually? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

6. Do you know which Modern Awards apply to the employees in your business? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

7. Do you feel conversant with the details of each of the relevant Awards that apply in your workplace? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

8. Are you aware of all the relevant Award related allowances that apply to the employees in your business? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

9. Does your business have a registered enterprise agreement with your employees? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

10. Are your employees receiving the correct meal break periods according to their relevant Award or enterprise agreement? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

11. Do you pay your employees at least the minimum wage for their Award classified position? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

12. Do casual employees receive appropriate casual loading? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

13. Do casual employees receive correct loading for any overtime/shiftwork/weekend work/public holidays worked?  □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

Payslips and Record Keeping

14. Do you provide payslips to employees? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

15. Are payslips provided within one working day after the employee has been paid? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

16. Do payslips include all legislatively required details?  □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

17. Do you maintain appropriate employee records that include all legislatively required details? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

18. Do you maintain employee records for seven years?  □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

Policies and Procedures

19. Do you have appropriately required workplace policies?  □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

20. Do you have appropriate Work Health and Safety procedures in place for your type of workplace? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

21. Do you provide briefing sessions to your employees on policies and procedures? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

22. Do you keep records of briefing and training employees on these policies and procedures? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

Performance and Terminations

23. Do you have written position descriptions with clear job duties for each employee? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

24. Do you issue written warnings to poorly performing employees? □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

25. Do you ask employees to "show cause" before taking disciplinary action/terminating them?  □ Yes  □ No   □ Unsure

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