HR Consulting Services

Workforce Guardian's team of HR and employment law experts have a strong record of success in helping businesses.

We regularly help clients with services such as

  • Contract Audits - we can help you determine if your contracts and agreements are compliant and protect your business
  • Defending Employee Caims - we can help you defend unfair dismissal claims, general protection claims, sexual harassment claims, etc
  • Drafting HR letters - we can help you prepare professional, HR-related correspondence
  • General HR Issues - we can help you manage general HR issues
  • Enterprise Agreements - we can help you with options to completely DIY, DIY with support or totally outsourced EA packs
  • Employment Contracts - we can help you review and/or prepare employment contracts
  • HR Investigations - we can conduct investigations into alleged bullying, harassment, victimisation, etc
  • Independent Contractor Agreements - we can help you review and/or prepare independent contractor agreements
  • Modern Award Coverage Enquiries - we can help you accurately determine which employees are Award-Covered and which are Award-Free
  • Policy Development - we can help ensure that your policies and procedures are compliant and protect your business
  • Record-Keeping Reviews - we can help ensure that you're meeting your legal obligations under Australian laws such as the Fair Work Act 2009
  • Representation - we can help represent you in workplace disputes, employee claims and other Fair Work matters
  • And more!

We offer flexible options to help you access the HR service you need in the way that fits your budget.

Fixed Price Services

We provide fixed prices on HR services such as one-off HR advice by phone, one-off employment contracts, one-off positions decriptions, etc.

Hourly Rate Services

We provide hourly rates on HR services such as defending employee claims, developing HR policies/EAs, etc. Rates from $395ph.

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