HR Consulting Services

Workforce Guardian's HR Consulting Team can help provide practical HR and employment relations solutions to protect and support your business.

How We Can Help

  • General HR Issues - we can help you rectify Modern Award breaches and other breaches of the Fair Work Act 2009
  • Employment Contracts - we can help you prepare customised employment contracts
  • Independent Contractor Agreements - we can help you prepare customised independent contractor agreements
  • Contract Audits - we can help you determine if your employment contracts and independent contractor agreements are compliant with Australian employment law
  • Company Policy & Procedure Reviews - we can help you ensure that the systems you have in place are compliant and achieving HR best practice
  • Record-Keeping Reviews - we can help you ensure that you're meeting time and wages record and payslip obligations under the Fair Work Act 2009
  • Modern Award Coverage Enquiries - we can help you accurately determine which employees are Award-Covered and which are Award-Free
  • Policy Development and Deployment - we can develop customised policies to meet the specific requirements of your business
  • Drafting - we can prepare professional, HR-related correspondence on your behalf
  • Defending Employee Claims -    we can help you defend unfair dismissal claims, general protection claims, sexual harassment claims, etc
  • Representation - we can represent you in Fair Work Ombudsman and Fair Work Commission-related matters
  • HR Investigations - we can conduct investigations into alleged bullying, harassment, victimisation and more
  • Other HR related matters

Strong Record Of Success

Workforce Guardian's team of HR and employment law experts have a strong record of success in helping Australian employers.

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