HR Compliance Check

Is your business compliant with employment laws in Australia?

  • If you don't know, how do you find out?
  • What is your legal exposure if you aren't compliant?
  • How do you fix non-compliance?

Workforce Guardian can help you with a 'HR Compliance Check' to answer those questions. To identify any issues and recommend solutions to help get you compliant.

Conducted by our team of qualified HR and employment law experts, your 'HR Compliance Check' will include:

  • An introductory call to discuss the information we need for your 'HR Compliance Check'
  • A 30 minute phone consultation with a qualified HR and employment law expert to review your business and determine compliance levels
  • A written report outlining compliance levels, areas of concern/non-compliance - based on the information you provided
  • Recommended solutions, if needed, to help get you compliant.

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