HR Advice Online for Clients

Workforce Guardian helps key advisors such as bookkeepers and business advisors.

Delivered via an affordable annual subscription, 'HR Advice Online' makes it easier and more affordable to help your clients meet their HR needs. While helping to protect you from the risks of personal fines for accessorial liability.

As a subscriber, you get access to:

HR Advice Online System

'HR Advice Online' includes access to our HR Advice Online system.

Trusted by thousands, our online system makes it easier to find what you need, when you need it. Available 24/7 from any internet enabled computer.

HR Advice Online powered by Workforce Guardian

HR Advice in-Writing

'HR Advice Online' includes HR advice in writing.

Simply login, complete the relevant form and click submit. Our team will respond to your enquiry in-writing within two working days.

We highly recommend that you obtain all advice in-writing. Under Section 550 of the Fair Work Act 2009, key advisors (such as HR managers, payroll officers, bookkeepers and accountants) can be prosecuted for accessorial liability if their employer breaches the Act > Read more | Recent prosecutions


HR Advice By Phone

'HR Advice Online' includes HR advice by phone.

Simply login, complete the 'HR Advice by Phone Request Form' and click submit. Our team will call you back within two working days.

Calls are FREE for the first 15 minutes. Then $49.50 per 15 minutes if you need to continue (50% saving on our non-subscriber rate).


  • Limit of 2 FREE calls in any month to ensure fair access and availability for all subscribers.
  • No limit on access to our HR Advice Hotline at our spoecial discounted rate for subscribers.

HR Resources On-Demand

'HR Advice Online' includes access to important HR resources for your clients at wholesale rates. You can charge clients the RRP or pass on the savings!!!

  • Employment Contracts
  • Position Descriptions
  • HR Policies
  • Letter and Form Templates
  • Employment Handbooks
  • Representation at Fair Work Commission Matters
  • And more!

Simply login, choose the resource you need and submit the relevant form. Our team will respond to your enquiry within two working days. 

HR & Employment Law Professionals

Our team is comprised of HR and employment law professionals. We can answer questions relating to general human resources matters and employment laws such as the Fair Work Act 2009 and Fair Work Regulations 2009 (eg. National Employment Standards, Modern Awards, employment contracts, modern award interpretation and unfair dismissal).

However, we are unable to provide advice relating to superannuation, taxation, or salary sacrificing arrangements as these topics are not governed by employment law.

Importantly, Workforce Guardian is not a law firm and we do not provide legal advice. Workforce Guardian's advisors are experienced and qualified HR and employment relations professionals. We speak in plain-English and provide subscribers with practical advice and support.

Some of our team:

Charles Watson

Charles Watson

Employment Lawyer

Grace Kim

Grace Kim

Workplace Relations Advisor



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