Virtual HR Manager

Workforce Guardian's HR software includes a virtual HR manager service.

Available as part of our premium - HR Platinum annual subscription - it includes a monthly call from a dedicated HR expert to review your HR and employment law needs.

Workforce Guardian's team is comprised of experienced and qualified HR and employment law professionals. We can provide professional advice and support in relation to general human resources matters and employment laws such as the Fair Work Act 2009 and Fair Work Regulations 2009 (eg. National Employment Standards, Modern Awards, employment contracts, modern award interpretation and unfair dismissal).

Our HR Platinum annual subscription also includes up to 3 hours of HR Consulting Services. PLUS discounted rates on any additional bulk hours. To help you fix any issues.

Workforce Guardian's virtual HR manager service can help you save time and money. As well as help protect you and your business from big fines and penalties, damaging employees claims, expensive back-pay orders and personal fines for accessorial liability.

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