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The SUPPORT section in Workforce Guardian is designed to help subscribers use our services correctly and to get maximum value from your subscription.

Features Guide An overview of the features in our system with a summary for each to explain how they work.
Getting Started Guide 25 steps to help you achieve best-practice HR management and full-compliance with Australian employment laws.
What's New Keep up to date with new or improved features. Workforce Guardian is regularly updated to ensure subscribers always have access to fully compliant HR tools and resources, as well as up to date information about Australian employment laws in plain English.
HR Blog  Keep up to date with what you need to know about Australian employment matters. Read the latest HR news from Workforce Guardian on our HR Blog.
Product Tour Video  Learn more about how  Workforce Guardian works. Watch our online product tour video.
Educational Videos  Learn more about Australian employment law and how to manage people with confidence. Watch our informative and useful educational videos.
HR & WHS Health Checks Determine whether you and your business are meeting your legal obligations under Australia's increasingly complex employment and workplace, health and safety laws.
Reports Centre Generate useful reports about people and export data in a range of formats.
Importing Data Tools Import data from any software system that enables you to export data in Excel or CSV file formats.
Useful Links Useful links to government agencies, authorities and more.
Refer a Friend Use this form to refer a friend to Workforce Guardian and earn rewards.
Feedback Form Use this form to provide feedback about your Workforce Guardian experience.
Request an Upgrade Use this form to request an upgrade to your Workforce Guardian subscription.
Contact Technical Support Team Please use this form to request help with any technical support issues.
Contact Customer Care Team If you need help at any time please contact us using this form.

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