Licenses Management

Workforce Guardian's HR software includes essential tools to help employers manage licences and registrations.

It is important that employers regularly check that all workers have the relevant licences and registrations required to lawfully perform all tasks and responsibilities in order to carry out their duties. In many cases, employers may also require evidence of licenses and registrations before making an offer of employment.

For example:

  • a school teacher in Queensland, must firstly register with the Queensland College of Teachers
  • electricians in Queensland, must hold an electrical work licence
  • car and truck licenses are required in order to operate these vehicles throughout Australia

In some industries such as child care and entertainment, it is mandatory to hold and maintain a 'working with children' permit in order to perform work with children.

Accordingly, it is crucial that an employer to keep track of all licensing and registrations to ensure they are current and to confirm when they are required to be renewed. Such a requirement should be included into a policy that requires all workers to advise them immediately if any work related licences become invalid for any reason.

Licences and Registrations Process

Workforce Guardian includes a step by step process to help employers manage licences and registrations.

Each step includes the relevant HR document templates required to manage day to day licence and registration tasks.

Manage Licence Records

Workforce Guardian Personnel Files allow subscribers to safely store licence details for employees, contractors, volunteers and candidates.

The comprehensive database allows users to store information such as:

  • License Name
  • License Type
  • License Class
  • License Number
  • Expiry Date
  • Place Issued
  • Conditions

Licences Register

Workforce Guardian's Licences Register helps you manage licences and reprovides a report of all training for employees, contractors, volunteers and candidates.

Licenses Register

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