Independent Contractor Agreements

Workforce Guardian's HR software includes a dynamic contract wizard to help employers create fully-compliant independent contractor agreements quickly and easily.

Fully-Compliant. Built for Australian Employers.

Designed to ensure compliance with Australian laws such as the Independent Contractors Act 2006 - all downloadable content has been verified by Clayton Utz, one of Australia's leading law firms.

Easy To Use. Simple Step by Step Process.

Workforce Guardian's Contract Wizard asks you a series of questions.

Based on each answer you provide the built-in logic guides you to the next question. So you can quickly and easily create a fully-compliant independent contractor agreement in minutes.

1 Who is the contract for

7 Follow each step until 100 percent

Create Similar Contracts Easily

5 Upload answer set if required

Include Your Company Logo

You can upload your company logo so it appears on the agreement. The recommended size is 200 pixels wide by 50 pixels high. Image type jpg or gif.

6 Upload your company logo

Save, Edit and History

When you create a new agreement you can 'Save' the answer set on the final page. This saves the answers you provided to each question. You can upload these for other agreements if you want to duplicate the same answers. This can save you time and reduce errors if creating a lot of similar agreements.

When you edit an agreement, you can quickly find the section you need by using the 'History'. This only appears after you have created the agreement.


Click 'Finish' on the final page to complete the Independent Contractor Agreement.

Download / Edit When Needed

Independent Contractor Agreements are automatically outputted in PDF format. So they can be easily printed or emailed to employees.

Agreements are stored in each Contractor's HR records. So you can always 'Edit Contract' later if needed.

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