HR Records Management

Workforce Guardian's online HR system and support service includes everything you need to  manage HR records safely and securely online.

The Fair Work Regulations 2009 set out the records that an employer must keep in relation to an employee's employment and gives power to Fair Work Australia inspectors to inspect those records at any time during working hours.

Fair Work Inspectors may issue on the spot infringement notices, or recommend taking matters to couurt, where they reasonably believe an employer has contravened their record-keeping and pay slip obligations. Employers risk significant penalties per contravention.

HR Records Management

Workforce Guardian includes everything employers need to manage HR records with confidence.

Access HR Records Anywhere, Anytime

Electronically stored records can be accessed anywhere, anytime by users with sufficient security access. No more wasting time searching for paper records stored in filing cabinets across multiple offices and numerous locations.

The New Workforce Guardian HR Records

Control Who Has Access

Workforce Guardian provides multiple user security levels to give administrators complete control of what users can access and change.

ADMIN User has full use of the system and can view, add, edit and delete all Employee Records and can also edit the Admin section.
HR User can view, add, edit and delete all Employee Records but cannot edit the Admin section of the system.
USER User can view, add, edit and delete only those Employee Records that they create themselves and cannot edit the Admin section.

Ultra-High Data Security

All data is stored in one of Australia's most secure data centres, providing you with the highest level of security >  Our Technology

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