HR Letters

Workforce Guardian's Cloud HR System includes a library of HR Letter Templates to help employers manage day to day HR tasks and ensure compliance with Australian workplace laws.

All content is verified and kept up to date by Australian HR and employment law experts.

You can save a lot of time and money using Workforce Guardian HR document templates, compared to the cost of developing and keeping everything up to date and compliant yourself or paying a lawyer or HR consultant to do this for you.

HR Letters such as:

  • Abandonment Of Employment Letter
  • Acceptance Of Resignation Letter
  • Annualised Salary Letter
  • Confirmation Of New Role Letter
  • Confirmation Of Verbal Warning Letter
  • Disciplinary Meeting Request Letter
  • Employment Offer To EA Covered Employee Letter
  • Final Written Warning Letter
  • Gardening Leave Letter
  • Guarantee Of Annual Earnings Letter
  • Initiation Of Consultation Letter
  • In-Principle Offer of Employment
  • Lengthy Absence From Work Letter
  • Notice Of Employee Representational Rights Letter
  • Payrise Approval Letter
  • Payrise Refusal Letter
  • Redundancy Decision Letter
  • Release Of Medical Opinion Letter
  • Request For Medical Opinion Letter
  • Stand Down Letter
  • Successful Completion of Probation Letter
  • Summary Dismissal Letter
  • Termination Of Employment Letter
  • Unsuccessful Candidate Letter
  • Unsuccessful Completion of Probation Letter
  • Written Warning Due to Under-Performance Letter
  • Written Warning Misconduct Letter

All content in Workforce Guardian has been verified by Australian employment law experts.

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