HR Letters

Workforce Guardian's online HR system and support service  includes a wide range of letters to help employers manage day to day HR tasks and ensure compliance with Australian workplace laws.

HR Letters such as:

  • Abandonment Of Employment Letter
  • Acceptance Of Resignation Letter
  • Annualised Salary Letter
  • Confirmation Of New Role Letter
  • Confirmation Of Verbal Warning Letter
  • Disciplinary Meeting Request Letter
  • Employment Offer To EA Covered Employee Letter
  • Final Written Warning Letter
  • Gardening Leave Letter
  • Guarantee Of Annual Earnings Letter
  • Initiation Of Consultation Letter
  • In-Principle Offer of Employment
  • Lengthy Absence From Work Letter
  • Notice Of Employee Representational Rights Letter
  • Payrise Approval Letter
  • Payrise Refusal Letter
  • Redundancy Decision Letter
  • Release Of Medical Opinion Letter
  • Request For Medical Opinion Letter
  • Stand Down Letter
  • Successful Completion of Probation Letter
  • Summary Dismissal Letter
  • Termination Of Employment Letter
  • Unsuccessful Candidate Letter
  • Unsuccessful Completion of Probation Letter
  • Written Warning Due to Under-Performance Letter
  • Written Warning Misconduct Letter

All content in Workforce Guardian has been verified by Australian employment law experts.

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