Employment Contracts

Workforce Guardian's Cloud HR System includes a dynamic contract wizard to help you create fully-compliant employment contracts quickly and easily.

  • Award-covered employee contracts
  • Award-free employee contracts

Subscribers can also generate Single Enterprise Agreements and Independent Contractor Agreements.

There is no limit to the number of employment contracts that you can create when you subscribe to Workforce Guardian.

If you only need a single contract, we also offer individual employment contracts via our HR On-Demand-Pay-As-You-Go Service.

Employment Contract Wizard

The New Workforce Guardian Contract Wizard

Update contracts easily when needed

Our dynamic contract wizard stores each employment contracts in the employee's HR records. So you can easily edit it later if needed.

Create similar contracts easily

Its easy to 'Save' an 'Answer Set' for any employee contract. Then use this 'Answer Set' to create similar contracts for other employees. To avoid errors when entering information and to reduce time double keying data.

Expert advice when you need it

Its important to get expert HR and employment law advice when you create an employment contract. Such as:

  • What is the minimum rate of pay that I must provide this employee?
  • Which National Employment Standards is this worker legally entitled to?
  • Which Modern Award applies and what related entitlements must I also provide?

Failure to comply with Australian laws can expose you and your business to big fines and penalties, damaging employee claims and expensive back-pay orders.

Workforce Guardian's All-In-One HR System makes it easy to get advice from HR and employment law experts. Our HR EssentialHR Professional and HR Platinum subscriptions include built-in HR Advice. To help you get answers to important HR questions.

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