Employment Contracts

Workforce Guardian includes a dynamic contract wizard to help you create fully-compliant employment contracts quickly and easily.

Easy to use. Step by step process.

Our dynamic contract wizard guides you through the process step by step. Simply answer the questions at each step to create a fully-compliant contract.

1 Who is the contract for

Add your company logo

You can upload your company logo so it appears on the employment contract. Simply click 'yes' when prompted during the step by step process.

Workforce Guardian Employment Contract SAMPLE

Fully-compliant with Australian employment laws

Designed to ensure compliance with Australian employment laws such as the Fair Work Act 2009 - all downloadable content has been verified by Clayton Utz, one of Australia's leading law firms.

Advice when you need it

Our HR EssentialHR Professional and HR Platinum includes built-in HR Advice Online. To help you answer important HR questions when creating employment contracts such as 'Which Modern Award applies to this employee?'. 

Note: Failure to classify an employee under the correct modern award can result in significant penalties and costly backpay claims.

Every contract type you need


HR Lite

HR Essential

HR Professional

HR Platinum

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Employment contracts are automatically outputted in PDF format. So they can be easily printed or emailed to employees for signing.

Update contracts easily when needed

Our dynamic contract wizard stores each employment contracts in the employee's HR records. So you can always edit it later if needed.

Create similar contracts easily

Its easy to 'Save' an 'Answer Set' for any employee contract. You can then use this 'Answer Set' to create similar contracts for other employees. To avoid errors when entering information and to reduce time double keying data.

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