Compliance Register

Workforce Guardian's Cloud HR System includes a Compliance Register to help employees quickly assess how they are meeting their legal obligations under Australian employment laws.

The 'Compliance Register' shows a visual 'Risk Level' meter on the dashboard. To make it easy for employers to manage HR best-practice and ensure full-compliance with Australian employment laws such as the Fair Work Act 2009.

Workforce Guardian Cloud HR System

Dashboard 'Risk Level' Meter

The visual 'Risk Level' is automatically updated each time you complete a task for each worker in the 'HR Best-Practice & Compliance' tab in their Personnel File. The higher your rating the higher your risks of expensive and damaging employee claims, and fines and penalties for breaching Australian employment laws. The lower your rating the lower your risks.

Compliance Meter on Dashboard

'Compliance Register' Scorecard

The 'Compliance Register' displays a summary of 'HR Best-Practice & Compliance' for all of your workers in a convenient report. Green highlights the tasks you have completed. Red highlights the tasks yet to be completed.

Compliance Scorecard on Personnel File

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