Employee HR Portal

If you're still using paper-based timesheets and leave requests then you're doing it the hard way. You're also wasting more time and money than you need to.

If you're not keeping time and wages records for 7 years then you're also exposing you and your business to big fines and penalties, and damaging employee claims.

Available as an online service and delivered as part of our HR Professional and HR Platinum subscriptions, Workforce Guardian's Employee HR Portal makes it cheaper and easier to manage day to day HR tasks and record-keeping.

Explainer Video - Employee HR Portal powered by Workforce Guardian

Employees can:

  • Login anywhere, anytime via an internet browser (employeehrportal.com.au)
  • Self-manage their own personnel file
  • Submit timesheets electronically
  • Submit leave requests electronically
  • View shared company documents online (eg. Employee Handbook, HR Policies, Awards, etc)

Employers can:

  • Easily add/remove employee access
  • Customise with your own logo and header image
  • Control documents employees can see
  • Approve/reject timesheets online
  • Approve/reject leave requests online

What You Get:


HR PROFESSIONAL powered by Workforce Guardian

HR PLATINUM powered by Workforce Guardian

Employee Portal Access Management Employers can add, edit and control employee access to your Employee HR Portal.

Up to 15 employee logins

PLUS option to add more

Up to 100 employee logins

PLUS option to add more

Employee Portal Page Setup Employers can add their own logo, header image and contact details. tick_workforceguardianhrsystems_30x31.jpg .tick_workforceguardianhrsystems_30x31.jpg
Self-Service Personnel Files Employees can login and view/update their own Personnel File. tick_workforceguardianhrsystems_30x31.jpg tick_workforceguardianhrsystems_30x31.jpg
Online Timesheets Employees can login and submit timesheets online tick_workforceguardianhrsystems_30x31.jpg tick_workforceguardianhrsystems_30x31.jpg
Employee Timesheets Register Employees can view a history of their timesheets. tick_workforceguardianhrsystems_30x31.jpg tick_workforceguardianhrsystems_30x31.jpg
Online Leave Requests Employees can login and submit leave requests online. tick_workforceguardianhrsystems_30x31.jpg tick_workforceguardianhrsystems_30x31.jpg
Employee Leave Register Employees can view a history of their leave requests. tick_workforceguardianhrsystems_30x31.jpg tick_workforceguardianhrsystems_30x31.jpg

Company Intranet

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Employees can login and view company documents that you share (eg. Employee Handbook, HR Policies, Form Templates, etc). tick_workforceguardianhrsystems_30x31.jpg tick_workforceguardianhrsystems_30x31.jpg

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