Becker Helicopters


Company: Becker Helicopters
Owner/Operators: Captains Mike and Jan Becker
Location: Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Industry: Aviation
Employees: 70



With Workforce Guardian the only thing grounded in our company is our employment relations practices.

Captain Jan Becker, CEO, Becker Helicopters

For Captains Jan and Mike Becker, proprietors of Becker Helicopters, aviation is in the blood.  With the helicopter pilot training business now into its sixteenth successful year, Mike is chief pilot and chief flying instructor while Jan now manages the business.  She oversees the more down to earth aspects of the business which employs pilots and flight instructors together with engineers and support staff on the ground.

As an international helicopter training facility, the company trains between 30 and 60 student pilots each a year.  With as many as 40 of the students undertaking full time training over a period of thirteen months while others embark on alternative study, like night training or basic short courses.

On a day-to-day basis, Jan looks after the management of the school which includes everything from overseeing flight training rosters, watching over the wellbeing of students as well as handling all aspect of human resource management and employer obligations.

"With thirty employees on board, I needed to find a simple yet fully compliant package that was contemporary and up to date for our industry. The ability to store all HR files and data and proactively manage our employer obligations was also crucial. "

Whirring with confidence

Using the Workforce Guardian service has given the company a new sense of confidence in their employment relations practices.

"Workforce Guardian has given us confidence that our employment relations activity creates a win-win between staff and management, giving us a compliant way forward.  Its idiot proof to use and has created order from some clunky in-house processes.  It's given us a streamlined approach and has standardised formats on ways to do things correctly. It's a good solid measuring stick for changing the ethos and methodology in a much under estimated area of the business."

A sense of order

"Knowing we have best practice, it has been the catalyst for making some major changes to our HR forms.  Most importantly, it has allowed us to get on with what we are best at - and that's flying helicopters."

Minimised risk

Becker Helicopters is no longer drowning in files and paper work and using Workforce Guardian has helped the company minimise risk.

"No doubt, it's saved us a fortune in legal fees, uncertainly and angst when dealing with some difficult HR processes like discipline.  We are proud to have a fully compliant HR area and I can't recommend it highly enough for any business large or small."

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