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Written Advice

When you need HR and employment law advice in-writing to protect you and your business use our HR Advice Online Service. You can ask questions about:

  • Employee Modern Award Coverage Enquiries
  • Employee Pay Rates Enquiries
  • And much much more!
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Phone Advice

When you need a fast answer to a HR and employment law question call our HR Advice Hotline Service. You can also ask for verbal advice to be confirmed in-writing, if needed, for a small fee.

Pay-as-you-go. Rates start at just $99 (incl GST) per 15 minutes. Pay-as-you go. Rates start at just $49.50 (incl GST) per 15 minutes. Green TickIncluded Green TickIncluded
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Which HR System is best for you?

Which HR System is best for you?

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